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MTIA BOD Approves Joplin Tornado Relief Fund

The MTIA Board of Directors voted to start and fund the Joplin Tornado Relief Fund. They voted to use the proceeds from the golf tournaments and donations to fund this program. The MTIA members successfully assisted five families of Tire Dealers in Joplin with a total of $7,500 raised and donated by our members.

Click here for more details at the EPC Classic Carfest website.EPC's Classic Carfest
Benefiting Angels' Arms

For the last 9 years, EPC has created an impressive, community gathering called the EPC Classic Carfest. They have raised more than $74,000 for St. Charles-based children's charities and in 2010, MTIA was proud to be one of the presenting charities who helped raised an additional $15,100 dollars for Angels' Arms who help to provide foster family options for St. Louis-based youth.

Be sure to check out the EPC Classic Carfest website for pictures of the event, the people and the magic that is a great annual event that benefits so many.

Be sure to visit our website often to see what new and exciting in the realm of our charity efforts and tell us about what kind of great charity efforts YOU see in your community!

EPC Classic Carfest